Yuki Kitaoka: Photos

Early Adulthood
Yuki Kitaoka
Yuki Kitaoka in Honolulu when Takashi is at Baylor University for Law School (before their marriage), circa 1937/1940.
Kitaoka Wedding, December 1940
Yuki and Takashi Kitaoka, sitting in a park when Takashi was in the service.
Yuki and Takashi Kitaoka, studio photo when Takashi was in the service.
Yuki in fur collar coat and Takashi in uniform. Yuki's first winter coat.
Yuki and Takashi Kitaoka with leis
Life After War
Kitaoka family at Takashi Kitaoka's Director of Labor ceremony. Toraki (Takashi's father), Takashi, Yuki, and sons (Chris, Lloyd, Rod, and Don), circa 1950s.

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